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Use marketing automation to reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

What is the value of an email?

Let's be honest, the traditional approach to using email marketing to attract new customers and develop repeat business just doesn't work.

Sales is relational. Email marketing lets you build relationships at the pace they naturally occur. That way, you can make your sales offer at the time your lead is actually ready to buy.

To do that, you have to set up a strategy that nurtures the relationship with each contact over time and have a system in place that makes it clear when they’re ready to make a purchase. You can do this manually, but as your list grows, this approach will quickly become unmanageable.

If you are serious about achieving what matters most, it calls for a different approach.

Zero In Marketing enables businesses to grow while also reducing valuable time spent on repetitive activities by intelligent use of email marketing and automation tools.

From leads to loyal customers

Most people that discover your business are not ready to buy, yet. We create smart email marketing solutions that intuitively nurture people that are 'just looking' into customers and ultimately advocates of your brand.

We see email marketing as a way of communicating with your customers or subscribers; as individuals – not as a collective. It’s about knowing where each individual fits into the buying cycle of a product or service, and relating to them accordingly.

Successful email marketing makes the customer feel like they’re being engaged with on a one-to-one basis; almost like they have their own concierge service attending to their every need.

Thanks to data and technology, much of this can be automated and highly personalised.

Bring in better customers

Are you attracting the right customers or ones that are after the 'best price'?

Repeat business

Constantly feel like you're pursuing new customers?

Get Referrals

Are you asking for referrals? Get more ideal customers the smart way.

Grow your business faster, smarter

Turn your website visitors into qualified leads
Improve Conversion Rates
More Sales With Less Effort
Turn happy customers into advocates
Develop a marketing strategy
Intelligent effort

Reach the right customers, with the right message at the right time.

Tools to fuel your success

CRM - Everything in one place.

Your sales team no longer have to struggle with an array of spreadsheets, scroll through their inbox to find customer information about opportunities. 
They can get incredible insight into every potential and existing customer in one location. 

Have accurate information available so that you or your sales people aren't wasting time chasing after every lead, know when the prospect is ready to buy. Be aware of the services they have shown interest in and when they've visited your website, so you can personalise your approach.

Interactions are tracked automatically, making it easy to:

Manage your pipeline with total visibility

Easily access calls, emails, meetings and notes

Lead source and lead score (cold/warm/hot)

Never miss an activity to follow up

Send personalised emails based on interest

Reports to track and test your sales process

Marketing Automation - Scale your growth

This is where the various elements of your marketing are brought together by using automation to deliver an exceptional experience for your customers. It's like the chain on a bike, that ties it altogether.

You have the ability to architect people's  experience to whatever you want it to be. Then set it to autopilot, whether it's for 100 or 10,000 customers; you can personalise at scale. Without your personal time.

Automate key activities such as:

Turn website visitors into qualified leads

Increase the value of each customer by nurturing them

Follow up and personalise the nurturing of your cold leads on autopilot

Never miss an activity to follow up

Send personalised emails based on interest

Reports to track and test your sales process

Workflow Automation - Unshackle yourself from the desk

As a business owner it's too easy to fall into the trap of just 'doing things' because they need to be done, without really looking at how they are getting done.

Using automation at the core of your business allows you to leverage benefits such as increased profit margins, more capacity, happier customers and ultimately, a more enjoyable business, and life.

Turn activities that take your time, into saving you time: 

Save time on mundane, repetitive tasks while ensuring accuracy and consistency

Reduce human error

Automate the billing and payment process across multiple systems

Increase customer satisfaction by providing an efficient service

Why Us?

We provide value both in the form of increasing revenue and saving time, create repeatable outcomes and enable business owners to have the freedom to focus on the 'big picture'.

We partner with clients that are perceptive and ambitious, think outside the box and backed by a stable business model.

Like most small business owners I lack time for doing my marketing and I feel guilty about not acting. It can impact on your business dramatically if not done and done well.

It pays to use someone with the skills to do your marketing professionally. Vishal explains everything clearly and welcomes questions.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services to other business owners and managers.

Kayleen Edgar

I have been fortunate to get to work with Vishal.

Vishal was communicative, friendly and creative, and was extremely good at taking the pain out of using Infusionsoft.

If you want help with your strategy and your marketing automation I am more than happy to recommend Zero In Marketing.

Piers Kwan

Very impressed. The Infusionsoft consultant we spoke to, Vishal, had a really great understanding of the platform and was able to quickly translate our business requirements into a campaign geared at nurturing our customers into repeat buyers. Highly recommended.

Sia Shamsai
Automation is the silent competitive advantage of your brand

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